Walker COB Computer Proficiency Test - See notes about another Exam Period on Wed. 28th, at 5 pm.

The computer proficiency test requires students to demonstrate proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access) as well as other relevant information technology skills.

The test assesses skills related to:

  1. Personal Computing Basics (4 questions): Basic understanding of operating systems, The ability to create, edit, or delete a folder, Zip files, and Take a screenshot
  2. Word (13 questions): Basic functions (Open a document, save, print), Bibliography tools, Commenting and track changes tools, Comparing documents, Cover pages, Formatting options (Font and paragraph changes, margins, orientation, bullets, columns), Headers/footers, Line spacing, Page numbers, Spelling/grammar checks, Styles, Table of Contents, and Tables in Word
  3. PowerPoint (9 questions): Animation, Basic functions (Open, save, print), Charts, Presentation guidelines (organization, content, design, and delivery best practices), Shapes, Transitions, Using design themes, Using different views, and Video
  4. Excel (14 questions):  Basic commands (Open, save, etc.), Worksheet/Workbook differences, How the fill handle can be used, Formatting worksheet appearance (Borders/shading, fonts, etc), Row control (Insert/delete rows, merge and center, freezing, hiding, and protecting), Printing options (Page orientation, page breaks, etc.), Relative and absolute cell referencing, SUM function, IF, VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP, Charts (column, clustered, stacked, bar, pie, line, etc.), Excel "tables" feature, Sorting, Pivot tables
  5. Access (6 questions):  Access basics (objects, saving, backing up, compacting), Create a database and table, Understanding database relationships, Understand queries and the query wizard, Understand functions in Access, and Create reports
  6. Information Technology Literacy (2 questions):  Connecting to the Internet and Understanding computer security and how to protect your equipment

Students will have 75 minutes to complete the test. It is a closed book, closed-notes, computer-based exam and NO support materials will be allowed in the examination room.

A minimum score of 60% must be achieved to pass the test.

Studying for the test

Online Microsoft MS Office 2010 tutorials are useful to study for the computer proficiency test:

Microsoft Word:


Microsoft PowerPoint:


Microsoft Excel:


Microsoft Access:


Upcoming Dates to Register and Take the Exam                                                                                        

Both Exam Periods that were offered for Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 3:30 and Wed., Oct. 28th at 10 am are filled.  

Another test will be given at 5 pm on Wed., October 28th at 5 pm.  Registration for this exam will begin on Oct. 7th at 10 am and will remain open until filled. The exam will be held in room 2015.


PLEASE NOTE: This Walker COB Proficiency Exam will be online and will be given using a tool called MYITLab.  You will be sent a confirmation email and instructions on how to create a MYITLab Account a week prior to taking your exam.  The MYITLab Account will cost each student $15.00 each time you take the exam. You will have to have a MYITLab Username and Password to enter the exam room on the date of the exam.



January 8th, 2016 (Friday) & January 11th, 2015 (Monday): Exam will be given at 10 a.m. in Peacock Hall, Room 2011. Registration will be open December 11th thru January 2nd or until full.

March 15th, 2016 (Tuesday) & March 16th, 2015 (Wednesday): Exam will be given at 10 a.m. in Peacock Hall, Room 2011 Registration will be open on February 16th thru March 8th.

May 23rd, 2016 (Monday): Exam will be given at 10 a.m. in Peacock Hall, Room 2011 Registration will be open on April 25th thru May 16th or until full.

June 29th, 2016 (Wednesday): Exam will be given at 10 a.m. in Peacock Hall, Room 2011 Registration will be open on June 1st thru June 22nd or until full.


All inquires regarding registration should be directed to Dr. Medlin (medlinbd@appstate.edu)



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