Franklyn Linton, PhD

  • Ed.D., University of Massachusetts
  • Ed.M., Harvard University
  • B.A., University of Massachusetts

Frank Linton completed his Ed.D. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His patented dissertation work in intelligent tutoring systems combined artificial intelligence and learning environments. He continued this research at The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit systems engineering company serving the Federal Government (FFRDC). While there, he broadened his research to include recommender systems for adult learners, a line of inquiry begun earlier at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and he has numerous publications on these topics.

            Earlier, Frank taught math and science courses at Lesley University’s School of Management, in Cambridge MA, and English in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also worked in instructional design / course development for companies in the Boston area who sometimes sent him to Asia and the Middle East.

            Frank’s interest in data and technology for beekeeping led him to current work in the Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE), where he is an Affiliate Research Professor. He is an EAS-certified master beekeeper, author of The Observation Hive Handbook, and promoter of colony monitoring technologies on his website, in articles, at conferences, and in graduate students’ engineering projects.


Recent Honey Bee-Related Publications


Linton, Frank (2017) The Observation Hive Handbook: Studying Honey Bees at Home. Cornell University Press. Ithaca, NY.

Conference Proceedings

Linton, F. The Energy Efficient Beehive: A Research Agenda. Submitted to Apimondia, Montreal, 2019.

Linton, F. Optimal Beehive Ventilation: A Research Agenda. EURBee8, Ghent Belgium, 2018.

Linton, F. Hive Inspection with Temperature Sensors: A Research Agenda. Apimondia, Istanbul, Turkey, 2017.


Linton, F. A Chat with Fiona Edwards-Murphy: Co-founder of the ApisProtect Colony Monitoring System. Bee Culture. March 2019.

Linton, F. The Beefeater Bee Feeder. American Bee Journal. October 2018.

Linton, F. How Much Water? BBKA News Incorporating the British Bee Journal. October 2018

Linton, F. Observation Hives. Bee Culture. September 2018.

Linton, F. Beehive Ventilation: We Need to Know More and Do Better. Bee Culture. March 2018.

Linton, F. Improvised Bee Lining Box. Bee Culture. January, 2018. 

Title: Affiliate Faculty- C.A.R.E
Department: Department of Computer Information Systems

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Phone: (703) 577-4816

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5100 Dorset Avenue, Apartment 501 Chevy Chase MD 20815