Regina Hartley, PhD

Regina D. Hartley is a Lecturer in Computer Information Systems in the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University. She received her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership in Education from Regent University, a MA in Higher Education and BT in Business Technology both from Appalachian State University. She also has two certificates at the Master's degree level from East Carolina University, one in Information Assurance and the other in Computer Network Professional.

Prior to coming to Appalachian, Dr. Hartley spent 21 years with the community college system holding positions of Instructor, Coordinator, Director, and Department Chair. During those years, Dr. Hartley taught a wide variety of computer information systems courses and computer programming courses. Her research interests include ethical hacking, computer ethics policies, and social media.

Recent Publications/Presentations

Hartley, R., Iyer, L., & Taylor, C. (2018). Ethical hacking skills: Review of pedagogical approaches and recommendation of best practices. In Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference ISSN (2018) n. 4790, Norfolk, Virginia.

Medlin, D., & Hartley, R. (2018). Ethical hacking: Cybersecurity education for the 21st century. In Proceedings of the Appalachian Research in Business Symposium (Vol. III, p. 30).

Hartley, R., Medlin, D., & Houlik, Z. (2017). Ethical hacking: Educating future cybersecurity professionals. In Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference ISSN (Vol. 2473, p. 3857).

Hartley, R. D. (2015). Ethical hacking pedagogy: An analysis and overview of teaching students to hack. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 24(4), 95-104

Title: Lecturer
Department: Department of CIS & Supply Chain Management

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