Carol Pollard, PhD


  • Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
  • MBA, University of Pittsburgh
  • B.Sc., University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Dr. Carol Pollard is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Information Systems in the Walker College of Business. Previously, Dr. Pollard held academic positions at University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, University of Calgary, Canada, Duquesne University, USA, and most recently at University of Tasmania, Australia. During her time in Australia she served as Head of School and Postgraduate Coordinator of the PhD and Masters programs. Dr. Pollard earned her BSc in Information Science/Computer Science and Management, Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, and holds an MBA and PhD in Management Information Systems and Cognitive Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Dr. Carol Pollard has considerable experience developing, implementing and teaching a number of innovative undergraduate, graduate and executive programs in four countries and has a special interest in the IT Service management, business process management and project management. Dr. Pollard’s current research interests include IT service management, servitization of IT curricula, business process management, integration of IT development and operations and business-IT strategic alignment, including IT governance. Research outlets that have published Dr. Pollard’s research include MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Information and Management, Journal of Organizational Computing and International Small Business Journal. Her research has also been presented at numerous national and international conferences. In addition, Dr. Pollard has supervised numerous PhD, Masters and Honours theses and has served as research director on a number of funded research projects.

Dr. Pollard served as the Executive Secretary of ICIS from 1995 to 1999 and is Past Chair, ACIS Executive Committee. She is currently Vice President, International of the Global Information Technology Management Association, Advisory Board member of the CIO Forum, and VP of Education for SIG-SVC (Special Interest Group in Service Science). She also currently serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Global IT Management and the International Journal of Decision Sciences.

Recent Publications

Pollard, C. (2014). ‘IT-Energy Conservation at Work: People Don’t Always Act the Way They Feel.” IT Professional, upcoming. Published by IEEE Computer Society.

Mitchell, A. and Pollard, C. (2014). “Developing a Technology Supported Collaborative Strategic Planning Process for Higher Education.” Proceedings of the 20th AMCIS, Savannah, August 2014.

Pollard, C. (2013). “The U.S. Government’s Role in IT Energy Management.” ITProfessional, January/February 2013, pp 36-32. Published by IEEE Computer Society.

Pollard, C. (2012). “Lessons Learned from Client Projects in an UndergraduateProject Management Course.” Journal of Information Systems Education, 23(3): 271-282.

Stoddard, J., Pollard, C. and Evans, M. (2012). “The Triple Bottom Line: A Framework for Sustainable Tourism Development”. International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration Vol. 13(1).

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Willson, P. and Pollard, C. (2009). “Exploring IT Governance in Theory and Practice in a Large Multi-National Organisation in Australia”. Information Systems Management, Vol 26(2), 98-109.

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Title: Professor Emeritus
Department: Department of Computer Information Systems

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