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Walker College of Business Scholarship Application Now Open

The 2019-2020 Walker College of Business Scholarship Application is now active and will be open through February 3, 2019. It ...

Business professionals inducted into Sigma Chi Mu Tau

Sigma Chi Mu Tau inducts new members

On Thursday, October 18, 2018,  Appalachian State University inducted 10 students and 13 business professionals and faculty into the Beta chapter...

CIS 1026 Students Earn Microsoft Certifications

CIS 1026 Students Earn Microsoft Certifications

Students in Maureen Nowak Allen's sections of CIS 1026 are earning the Microsoft Office Excel Certification. The following students have taken and pas...

Supply Chain Management Students tour the Target Distribution Tour

On Friday, October 19, 2018 students with the Supply chain Management program as well as the Master of Business Administration program toured the Targ...

CIS/SCM Faculty Receive Awards and Honors at EDSIGCON/CONISAR

CIS/SCM Faculty Receive Awards and Honors at EDSIGCON/CONISAR

Twelve Walker College of Business CIS and SCM faculty participated November 1 – 3, 2018 in Norfolk, VA at the Conference on Information Systems Appl...

Congratulation! Dr. Xiong and Dr. Lyer Received a SIGMIS Funding for Their Research on Ethics in Blockchain

Computer Information Systems faculty members, Dr. Jason Xiong and Dr. Lakshmi Iyer, have received funding to continue their research on...

Drone Delivery Paper Acceptance for Dr. Charlie Chen and Dr. Hoon Choi

Do you know that a growing number of industries, including retail, food, and healthcare, are embracing drone delivery services because they can potent...

Paper Acceptance for Dr. Chen, Dr. Choi and Dr. Xiong

Dr. Charlie Chen, Dr. Hoon Choi, and Dr. Jason Xiong had their paper, Improve the Loyalty of Mobile Payment Users in China by Increasing the Fit betwe...

BeeWeek in Brussels from Joseph Cazier

By: Joseph CazierWhy Americans Should CareJoseph Cazier outside the European Parliament at the start of BeeWeek 2018.IntroductionFrom June 26-28,...

Job Opportunities with Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton, LLP is offering internships and full-time career opportunities to CIS majors/minors

AITP (The Association of Information Technology Professionals) hosted Grant Thornton, LLP on Wed, Sep 5, at 5:00 pm in Calloway / MacRae Peak on the 1...

Welcome to the Computer Information Systems & Supply Chain Management Department

In the today's dynamic business environment, information systems have become the engines of business, the means for making better business decisions and the platform for global collaboration. The ability to leverage information technology is now a competitive necessity, and information systems skills have become imperative regardless of business industry, size or geographic location. Accordingly, the Computer Information Systems & Supply Chain Management (CIS/SCM) department seeks to develop professionals with strong analytical and critical thinking skills, who are capable of analyzing, designing and implementing innovative business information systems and supply chain management projects; creating competitive advantage by optimizing operational efficiency and furthering strategic goals. The ultimate goals of our department are to grow both information systems and supply chain leaders in industry.

Our Computer Information Systems and Supply Chain Management programs have curricula that promote solid business acumen and technical fundamentals, arming students with a unique blend of knowledge, and enabling them to serve as the vital bridge between professionals in functional business areas and information technology (IT). We offer a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Computer Information Systems.

In addition, we now proudly offer a major in Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM is an integrated approach to planning, implementing and controlling the flow of information, materials and services from raw materials and component suppliers through the manufacturing of finished products and distribution to the end customers. We live in a Global business environment requiring skills in strategic design and integration of multiple business entities working together to meet the competitive demands of markets today. Sourcing, procurement, operations, logistics, and distribution functions must work closely with all functional elements within and across company boundaries to efficiently and responsively serve their customers.

The SCM minor is also a great complement to any business major and leads to a broader range of interesting job opportunities. Please visit the SCM web pages to learn more.

Mission, Vision and Values


The CIS & SCM Department aspires to have nationally recognized, innovative CIS and SCM programs and to be a top recruiting destination.


The mission of the CIS & SCM Department is to foster a collegial and collaborative work environment, in which we engage with our students to promote academic and professional excellence.

Core Values

To carry out our Mission, the CIS & SCM Department Team will strive each day to:

  • Maintain a supportive and collegial environment,
  • Foster a high level of collaboration amongst faculty,
  • Actively encourage and support faculty-student engagement,
  • Continuously improve our curriculum to assure its relevance and currency,
  • Create engaging classroom experiences through innovative pedagogy,
  • Promote analytical and critical thinking, global mindedness and technical competence in our students,
  • Engage in continuous professional development,
  • Produce quality research that furthers the fields of information systems, supply chain management and across disciplines,
  • Foster, expand, and maintain our network of recruiters, to ensure that we are a top recruiting destination,
  • Remain connected to the professional community through regular interaction with employers, our boards of advisors and other professional networking organizations,
  • Assist our students in career development to prepare them for high-quality internships and relevant full-time job opportunities, in which they can achieve their professional goals.

Great Courses, Great Faculty, Great Careers

When considering any business major, students should look closely at three dimensions: 1) the quality of the courses offered, 2) the passion, engagement, and knowledge of the faculty that teach them, and 3) the career options that the major provides. Our programs excel in all three areas. Both the CIS and SCM programs have courses that leverage cutting-edge business concepts and technologies, to promote relevant skills. Our award-winning teachers have extensive industry experience and are recognized across campus for their high level of student engagement. Our faculty take a genuine interest in seeing our students succeed. Finally, we know that the end game for business students is to launch a meaningful career. Our CIS and SCM programs prepare students for a myriad of nontechnical and technical career paths as systems analysts and designers, systems integrators, process engineers, project managers, IT administrators, system developers and many others. Our current job placement rate is over 86%, projected growth for both CIS and SCM careers is consistently high (over 20% through 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), and starting salaries are among the highest of all business disciplines.