Top CIS Student and Most Memorable Professor Honored at WCOB Honors Convocation

The Department of Computer Information Systems recently selected their top student for the 2020-2021 academic  year to be honored during the Walker College of Business Honors Convocation on April 9, 2021. The student selected was Patrick Osborne. Patrick is a senior in the CIS department and is also a transfer student. 

Patrick said that he has previously travelled a path filled with bad choices and harsh life lessons, making some serious mistakes in his adult life until he knew things needed to change. Then he started to try - and when he actually tried, he succeeded. Each goal that Patrick has achieved has motivated him to work toward new goals and new successes. Today he says he is a better student, a better employee, and a better coworker - and (more importantly) a better son, a better brother, and a better friend - than before". 

Patrick says, “It is hard to put into words what it means to me to receive this honor. It not only humbles me, but motivates me to continue working hard in pursuit of my goals. In many ways Appalachian was a second chance for me. I'll most remember the friends and connections I've made, the beautiful places I've seen, and the skills and experience I've gained - both professionally and in life.”

 Dr. Jeff Kaleta was choosen by Patrick as his most memorable professor at Appalachian State. Patrick chose Dr. Kaleta because his “teaching style and dedication to the success of his students made a lasting impression” on him. Patrick said “He taught us to use tools that we may encounter in the professional world, he related examples from his personal work, he frequently stayed after class (and into his free time) in order to help students debug code or solve errors, and he conveyed material in a way that made students want to listen - and by extension made it easier (and more enjoyable) to learn. Thanks, Dr. K.”

Dr. Kaleta had this to say about Partick Osborne. “Patrick is a Computer Information Systems major who is also double-minoring in Digital Marketing and Business Analytics.  At Appalachian, Patrick has been involved in several organizations, including the Association of IT Professionals as webmaster, the Japanese Culture Club as Marketing Chair, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Iota Mu, and Tau Sigma.  He is passionate about recreation in the outdoors and works for UREC in Outdoor Programs at App State, serving in many roles. Patrick loves many outdoor activities and has recently gotten into identifying plants - particularly those that have culinary and medicinal benefits. He is building a portable secondary monitor from a salvaged laptop screen and an Altoids tin so he can use two displays when he is away from the desk.


Congratulations, Patrick! This is well deserved!

Patrick Osborne and Dr. Jeff Kaleta
Published: Apr 15, 2021 9:12am