Drone Delivery Paper Acceptance for Dr. Charlie Chen and Dr. Hoon Choi

Do you know that a growing number of industries, including retail, food, and healthcare, are embracing drone delivery services because they can potentially streamline their supply chain operations, including delivering medical supplies to people in need during a hurricane? 

Dr. Charlie Chen and Dr. Hoon Choi had their paper, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Examining the Adoption of Drone Delivery Services, accepted for publication in the EDSIGCON/CONISAR 2018 conference. Their research attempts to provide a holistic perspective concerning the users’ intention to adopt drone delivery services by examining the key factors in three theories: social networking, marketing, and technology. Their study shows that perceived usefulness had the strongest impact on behavioral intention, followed by personal innovativeness. Opinion passing and perceived ease of use, however, were seen to not affect behavioral intention. Also, personal innovativeness played a significant role in increasing opinion passing, followed by behavioral intention and perceived usefulness.  Lastly, perceived ease of use had a direct influence on perceived usefulness, but not behavioral intention. Their findings provide academic and practical implications for accelerating the adoption of drone delivery services. They will present their paper on behalf of CIS/SCM department in Norfolk, Virginia at the EDSIGCON/CONISAR 2018 conference to be held from We., Oct. 31 to Sat., Nov.3.

CIS department offers supply chain management (SCM) major and minor for students interested in various aspects of supply chain management – including procurement, sourcing, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and quality management, and how drone and other technologies can be used in each of these areas. Visit https://cis.appstate.edu/supply-chain-management to learn more about SCM major/minor. 

Published: Sep 19, 2018 6:55am