Major and Minors

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Major

The Computer Information Systems (CIS ) major develops the professional skills and capabilities that enable students to work in the computer and related information technologies (IT) fields. Most jobs require that the professional develop solutions to business problems using technology. CIS majors are trained to be analysts and business problem solvers. The focus of the major is to develop the technical and people skills that will enable students to excel in CIS roles in industry and government. For the major, a 2.5 GPA in all of the 24 semester hours of major and elective courses is required. You can find more information in the Walker College of Business Course Catalog.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Minor

A minor in Computer Information Systems is available to any student in the university with the exception of CIS majors. A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 is required in the 15 s.h. of CIS courses to obtain a minor in CIS. The minor provides students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to utilize computers and information technologies in their chosen fields. For those students, a CIS minor can provide a competitive advantage in the global market place. You can find more information in the Walker College of Business Course Catalog.

Double Majors or Minors combine with your CIS Major to enhance your marketability

Computer Information Systems majors are needed in every career field. Students can double major with any other business major and/or minor International Business or Business Analytics. Additionally, many students choose to minor in Computer Information Systems and use their knowledge of CIS to enhance their careers in their major. Every career field needs professionals with advanced knowledge of IT skills.

*International Business Minor

The International Business minor is available to all Business majors, except International Business majors. The minor provides multi-disciplinary business training designed to complement the student's functional major. This allows students the opportunity to develop their functional skills while utilizing their elective hours to study the international aspects of business.

*Business Analytics Minor

The minor is designed and open to all business majors that want to strengthen their abilities to use data to make better business decisions. The minor will provide students with skills in collecting and managing data, designing experiments, programming, detecting patterns in data (e.g., data mining and data visualization) and using data to test predictive models and hypotheses.